Martin Beaumont

Comedians, Featured Artist

“Private Eye Comedian of the Year”


Martin Beaumont was in the headline position and from the moment he arrived on the stage had everybody in the palm of his hand and creased with laughter. It was nonstop from beginning to end; some one-liners and other far more complicated stories cleverly interweaving comedy characters and scenes he had introduced us to. Martin is an actor, writer and comedian, visibly at ease with the comedy environment and there can be no doubt, that this very funny and versatile comedian would be able to entertain any audience.


Career Highlights

Martin Beaumont has enjoyed a long and varied career. He started acting at the age of eleven mainly in films like ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and ‘Oliver’ Later he was to appear in the acclaimed film ‘IF’ directed by Lindsay Anderson. In his teen years he worked with some of the best comedians this country has ever known including Morecombe and Wise, Eric Sykes and Les Dawson, playing a number of roles in their various TV shows. He has always loved show business and has branched out into every aspect of it. Acting, voice over’s, writing, teaching, directing in the late eighties he was a comedy magician. It was in 1995 he turned professional comedian which was something he always wanted to do. In 1998 he won the Time Out Comic of the year award and his comedy career took off from there. Successful shows in Edinburgh in 2001 and 2002 followed which in turn led to appearances on the BBC’s ‘Stand up Show’ and the long running ‘Jongleurs Unleashed’ for the Paramount Comedy Channel. In 2005 he was asked to write and perform in BBC2’s Comedy Nation, a series that ran for two years. As a writer one of his plays ‘White Van Man’ was nominated for a Fringe First at the Edinburgh festival. As an actor his most recent credits include The Bill and Casualty a four year advert as the comedy spy for the governments EMA campaign and more recently he can be seen in the “What else do you do?” Quick Fit commercials. Recently cast in a new sitcom pilot for Baby Cow playing Les in ‘Our Boys’. As a comedian he plays the top clubs all over the country this in turn has led him to be asked to play gigs all over the world. From the Joungleurs comedy clubs to entertaining the forces in CSE gigs to being one of the leading lights in the new wave of comics on board the cruise ships. A very funny comedian with a fast wit that is able to entertain any audience.