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Akos Laki-Latino

Akos is a uniquely charismatic figure on stage with a powerful saxophone sound and a repertoire that shows his skill in many different musical styles and genres.  As for his background, he is Hungarian born in the ex-Yugoslavia, now living in Holland. He has always lived in multicultural settings.

His versatility as an instrumentalist developed during the many years, he played classical music while also engaging in Balkan folk, Hungarian gypsy music and jazz. His style today could be defined as easy listening jazz that is influenced by folk melodies and Latin rhythms.

His rich musical education includes a degree in the following areas:

  • clarinet, Academy of Art, Novi Sad,
  • saxophone, Budapest Frans Liszt Academy of Jazz,
  • bass clarinet, saxophone, Rotterdam Conservatory

Laki’s energetic personality shows best when he is on stage and puts on a show that reaches across the room, touching every single person in the audience. A communicative performer, Ákos speaks four languages and enjoys interactivity with his audience.

Akos has entered a lot of music competitions and won almost as many awards, including a first prize at the prestigious Dutch Jazz Contest 1996.  He has travelled and performed world-wide, and he can boast to have played with world-famous jazz musicians like Rhoda Scott, George Benson, Marcus Miller, Candy Dulfer, Brad Meldahu and recorded with great masters like Paul Cameleon Jackson and Mike Clark.