Maddi Cryer

Female Vocalists

Television Cabaret’s leading Vocal Impressionist


Maddi Cryer’s singing and talking impressions of famous celebrities have won her admiration and recognition as a leading talent in her field. Maddi began singing from the age of 16. She was asked to record demos of original songs in different styles and soon realized that she had a strong talent for impersonating other singers. Her singing impressions today include the music of Doris Day, Diana Ross, Olivia Newton John, Karen Carpenter, Dusty Springfield, Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Etta James, Shania Twain, Lulu, Adele, Lady Gaga and more… She appeared on many leading television shows, throughout the 1990’s and at one point, was on the “box” every Saturday evening for 16 weeks in prime BBC shows. Following a 2 year run as leading lady in the “Beyond Belief” show in Sun City, South Africa, she returned to England and was an instant hit as an entertainer on many international cruise ships. Maddi is also an accomplished actress, appearing in many leading commercials and voice over’s, and recently appeared in “Dr. Who” and will be seen shortly in the new television Series “Lightfields”, playing a 1940’s Landlady. Maddi is also performing her exciting, versatile and very original one woman show featuring her vocal tributes of many of the world’s top Diva’s from the 60’s to today’s current artists.


Career Highlights

Maddi was featured as an impressionist on many major television shows, including The Little & Large series, The Bobby Davro series, “You Gotta Be Jokin’” series. She appeared twice on the Children’s Royal Command Performance, plus many popular daytime television shows. Following her success on television, she was asked to appear at The London Palladium with Bob Hope on one of his last visits to the UK, which she considers to be a highlight of her career.