The Platschkov’s

Speciality Artists

Alina, Stefan and Sacha – The Incredible Platschkov’s!

The Platschkov’s are a uniquely talented family from world renowned performers.  They can perform as a trio with Stefan, Alina, and Sacha or as a duo with Stefan and Alina.  Their shows are comprised of twelve amazing elements.   Included in their shows are amazing skills such as cube spinning, outstanding juggling, ladder balancing, comedic audience participation and juggling on a keyboard with up to 5 boudins balls to play Beethoven’s ´Lettre à Elise´´and Offenbach ´´Le French Can Can´´.  Sacha is the Man of 1001 Shadows presenting a unique act of Shadowgraphy or Ombromanie, which is the art of using images made by hand shadows using a light projector.  All their performances are well received, and they enjoy standing ovations time and time again.

Career Highlights

The Platschkov’s have performed on many of the world’s finest cruise ships. They also have worked in many variety theatres throughout Europe as well as in casinos and on various television programs.  They have won many awards and performed at prestigious events which include:

-Silver Medal Winner at the Paris Festival France.

-Winner of the Danish Entertainer, Shows and Circus Price 2022 given by the Danish culture minister Ane Halsboe Jørgensen and the Actors and Comedians and Dancers, Musicians and Entertainers in Denmark and Scandinavian,

-Performing at the Mundial Football Games for VIP Shows,

-Performing at the Olympics Games for VIP Shows,

-Performing as special Guest for the Guinness book Record in Shanghai China.

-Special Guest at Bulgaria’s Got Talent.

-Performing for the Barnum-Bailey Circus Museum Show Sarasota USA

-Performing at The Royal Exhibition Perth Australia.

-Touring for 6 months in England for a Charity Show in 2021.

-Performing at the Vatican in Rome for the Pope John-Paul II.