Duo Platchkov

Jugglers, Speciality Artists

Alina and Stefan the Incredible Duo Platschkov!


Duo Platschkov present three amazing acts. The CUBE was inspired by the Canadian “Le Cirque du Soleil”. Stefan, like Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man, manages to fit into a cube, a glove and a squire. He spins and manoeuvres the heavy metal pieces with exceptional skill. While he does this Aline dances around him with a ribbon creating various figures. With superb colour settings they combine their artistic performances choreographed to Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”. Their show CHICAGO is done in a 1930’s style. As Bonnie and Clyde they sketch the gangster war years with outstanding juggling. Alina uses drums while juggling and demonstrates her skill, technique and artistry. Stefan incorporates his strength and juggling ability as well. This act is very difficult but Duo Platschkov makes it look effortless and give a cheerful and romantic performance. SCALA is an act which combines precise juggling and balancing on a ladder. Stefan skilfully performs this difficult act with risk involved. He and Alina juggle with seven balls, six rings and five bats while perfectly performing their choreography with Irish style music. This act also involves a bit of comedic audience participation giving someone the opportunity to climb the two meter ladder. All of their performances are well received and they enjoy standing ovations time and time again.


Career Highlights

Duo Platschkov have performed on many of the world’s finest cruise ships. They also have worked in many variety theatres throughout Europe as well as in casinos and on various television programs.