Duo Perris

Jugglers, Speciality Artists

Sergio & Sofia – Duo Perris. The union of two cultures and two traditions in the world of art and show.


Sergio & Sofia present an unforgettable and powerful journey full of excitement, passion and expression in their own unique and distinctive style.

From a family of world class performers, Sofia fits perfectly into this category. With beauty and elegance, she delivers an extraordinary performance requiring amazing skill and balance, set to an emotional soundtrack, this is one unique show that will move and captivate anyone.

Sergio is the fourth generation of a world- renowned family of artists and made his professional debut at the age of 13. After performing on the prestigious Monte Carlo Circus Festival his career soared to great heights. The foot juggling part of the show never cases to amaze audiences of all ages and nationalities. Making the impossible – possible, Sergio juggles a barrel, a cylinder, a SUITCASE…and even a TABLE! Modern – High Energy – Contemporary. Taking a traditional art to a whole new level!


View the below Duo Perris videos:

Foot Juggling & Handstand Acts
Handstand act – Sofia Nagrodskaia
Duo Perris Foot Juggling Act


Career Highlights

Duo Perris have performed all over the world in the best shows and festivals including: Monte Carlo Circus Festival, Festival Le Cirque de Demain, Circus Festival di Liege, Golden Circus Festival, Circus Festival Enschede, Circus Prinsessen Festival, Circus Krone Bau, Roncalli’s Apollo Variete, Royal Palace Music Hall, Hansa Theatre, Tivoli Park, Europa Park, Theatres, Variety, Circuses, Television Programs, Gala Shows, Casino, cruise ships and many more different venues.