Jeton – The Gentleman Juggler, MC & Award Winning Entertainer


Monsieur Jeton, the world’s greatest Gentleman Juggler has enthralled audiences across the globe – from the Thebarton Theater in Adelaide to the Circus Krone in Munich, from the Hacienda Hotel in Las Vegas to the NGK theatre in Osaka, performing along the way for luxury cruise lines on the seven seas.


The encyclopaedia “4000 Years of Juggling“ describes Jeton as one of the “top level newcomers to juggling in the new millennium”. In 2013, he became the first German performer to receive the Award of Excellence in Ohio, USA, from the International Jugglers’ Association (IJA) in recognition of his unique work. This award is regarded as the Oscar of the juggling world, and is presented by the IJA to jugglers who have made an outstanding contribution to shaping this art form. It is hardly surprising, then, that he is invited to perform all over the world, and in front of such illustrious spectators as Queen Margarete II of Denmark. Yet Jeton’s success can be measured not only by his prestigious references, but also by the enthusiastic response that his performances receive, and the memories that his winning personality leaves behind.


Right from the very beginning of his career as an artist, Jeton already had a very clear conception of how his act should look, a conception which he has consistently followed, turning it into reality step by step. It is a passion which expresses itself in the meticulous care and the loving attention to detail with which he combines juggling, balancing and music to form a harmonious whole.


The man-about-town nonchalantly tosses the accessories of elegant society around, fascinating audiences as he whirls a large wall mirror through the air, and amazing them with his signature balance with two billiard cues. His sophisticated ball juggling is impressive not only for the sheer dexterity, but also for the mischievous charm with which he presents it.


For the grand finale, Jeton serves up yet another highlight, humorously flipping coffee cups and saucers from the tip of his toe to the top of his head. A feat that never fails to warm the hearts of young and old alike. This act is one of the minor masterpieces of the international variety scene and it can be presented in numerous languages (including German, English, French, Spanish, Hungarian and Japanese).


His rougish charm and his inch-perfect precision make Jeton a juggler for connoisseurs to savour.