Zee Deneck

Comedy Magic

The Comedy Magic of Zee Deneck


Since 1998, Zee Deneck has been working almost exclusively for the Cruise industry – all the major cruise lines. His show can be perform in 9 different languages including:English, France, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Czech as well as a few words in Japanese and Chinese. His shows can include:Abracadabra: A 45 minute show for big venues including Zee’s unique never seen act “Foot juggling”.Spirit is back: A 45 minute show for big venues. This includes also 2 sketchs of the famous black art theatre from Prague and Zee’s son’s juggling act.Close up and personnel with Zee: This is 45minute show for smaller venues and includes a lots of card tricks and lots of fun!!Comedy and Magic: This is 45 minute show for smaller venues and lots of fun for everyone. And as last Zee Jr. juggling classes during the cruise…