Keith McGill


Quick-witted Comedian


What kind of comic is Keith? Well, he’s the guy you want to sit next to at a boring meeting. He’s clever, insightful, and a little bit eye-opening. His comedy is truth with a twist. Indianapolis’ NUVO said, “Keith McGill has a style that is smooth and temperate, and lacks any gaudy gimmicks or catch phrases, making him one of the best stand-up acts within earshot… His material is positive and PG-13, yet still intelligently critical of the comical absurdities of life. The Louisville native is impossible not to like!


Keith was a finalist in the STAND-UP NBC competition and his comedy show is now in rotation on SIRIUS XM. Keith has appeared on BET, CMT, Laughs on FOX and he is a Bob and Tom Show favorite.


As well as performing at many of the most well-known comedy clubs throughout the USA, Keith is a sought-after entertainer for corporate events. He is also a popular entertainer on Holland America Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises.