Greg Rodman


Greg Rodman – A dynamic artiste with a unique concept, sensual rhythms and flawless technique.


Having witnessed one of his live performances, fellow musicians and music lovers alike sing hymns of praise about guitarist Greg Rodman. With fretboard fireworks and lyrical endeavors, he will melt your heart¬strings, make your toes tap and your head shake with wonder.


Greg’s expansive repertoire comprises a wide variety of music from Argentinian tangos and Brazilian sambas to flamenco, gypsy swing and wailing electric blues.


His two main shows, “Guitar on the Edge” and “Spanish Guitar Fire” showcase this extensive repertoire with a unique mix of virtuoso concert pieces, authentic latin styles, and an engaging dry sense of humor.


Career Highlights

Guitarist for numerous stars and dignitaries including Rita Moreno, Roger Williams, The 5th Dimension, Carol Pope, Florence Henderson and many others.



“I’ve never heard guitar played like that before”
“Greg Rodman’s show was the highlight of our cruise”
“Guitarist was the best I’ve ever heard”
“Phenomenal performance”
“Awesome show”
“Beautiful performance”
“Greg Rodman guitar concert was flawless”