David Kovacs


Violinist Extraordinaire

David was born and raised in Hungary into a musical family. His parents noticed his musical talent when he was quite young.  Having seen a violinist on television when he was just 8 years old, David decided then that he wanted to be nothing else but a violinist and soon started his first music studies in the local school. After one year David had the wonderful opportunity to study the violin at the Franz Liszt Music Academy.  That year he was the youngest student at the university and his teacher was the well-known violin professor, Eszter Perényi.  In 1997 when he was just ten years old, David started to win several awards in the Zathurecky violin competitions. At the same time, studying regular school curriculum at Ferenc Nadasy National Ballet school.

After seven years at the Franz Liszt Academy, David began taking private violin lessons and studied in the Bela Bartok Conservatory, receiving a certificate of Classical Violinist and Music Teacher. At nineteen, David was accepted at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria and was taught by one of the best violin players in the classical music, Jela Spitkova.

David has always been very interested and inspired by different styles of music and wanted to expand his talents by playing music in a unique way.  He enjoys sharing his passion and love of music with a variety of songs, creating, and finding his own unique sound. David mixes different styles of music and creates his style of fusion.

David has worked on many of the world’s finest cruise ships.   He loves using his extraordinary talents as a violinist to create exciting shows for audiences of all ages to enjoy!