Nicola Previti


Get ready to enter a magical world where anything is possible. Fasten your seat belt, for a journey to discover The Illusionist Nicola Previti!


Nicola Previti is an Illusionist of Italian origins. His passion for the art of magic started when he was just seven years old and with his remarkable natural talent, it quickly became his full-time profession. He has successfully performed his show in the most prestigious international clubs across the Europe and often works in Venice in the most luxurious theatres and hotels. Nicola has also appeared on prime-time television shows and has performed his magic show for many top international companies such as Ikea, Mercedes, Volkswagen ENI and Vodafone. Nicola also had the great pleasure to perform his show in the famed Circus of Mosca.


Over the past seven years Nicola has performed on board many of the most luxurious cruise ships. Nicola is able to perform three different 45-minute shows. “Metamorphosis” an extraordinary show using great illusions. “Mystica” and “Abracadabra” are two different shows, which pack small but play big, combining a mixture of escapology, mentalism, and magic effects. These both shows are perfect for theatres or comedy clubs. Nicola also can perform an amazing close-up magic show lasting 20 to 25 minutes. Nicola has worked on Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, MSC, Saga, Paul Gauguin, and Costa Cruises. Nicola thoroughly enjoys performing his art for audiences of different ages cultures and nationalities. He is ready to continue his magical sea voyages with the best cruise lines in the world.