Matthew Fallon


Matthew Fallon’s HYPNO-tainment!™ One-of-a-kind Comedy Stage Hypnosis


Matthew Fallon’s interactive and side-splitting Hypno-tainment! Show features audience members forgetting all about their fears and inhibitions, tapping the limits of their imaginations and transforming into astounding performers! Matthew’s show, unscripted, stars the Audience! A professional presenter and entertainer since 1989, Matthew Fallon creates dynamic events and provides a unique entertainment for Fortune 500 companies, Luxury Cruise Lines, Country Clubs, Dining Establishments and Private Parties through his trusted charm, inviting personality and the Power of Your Minds…through HYPNOSIS! Matthew Fallon’s HYPNO-tainment! show can be tailored in length from 45 minutes to 80 minutes in length, depending upon the client’s desires. The show requires only a 15-minute rehearsal and 1 staff member backstage. Matthew also offers Hypnosis seminars on Weight Loss and Smoking Cessations as well as a lecture on The Benefits of Hypnosis.