Dany & Edina

Speciality Artists

Rola Rola man, Dany Daniel and is beautiful assistant Edina perform a complicated balancing act as well as a humorous and entertaining Papp de Deux ballet.


Dany Daniel & Edina stun audiences around the world with their incredible balancing acts. Known as the “Rola Rola Man” Dany Daniel, assisted by the beautiful Edina, defies the laws of gravity with each performance. Dany is from the renowned circus family Lorador. He stretches the stage into remarkable heights as he performs one of the fastest and most complicated balancing acts in the world. Live is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. They also perform a humorous Papp de Deux Ballet. How close sensuality and humour are to each other is shown by this entertaining show. The fact that eroticism sometimes takes place on a different level than the partner expects is nothing new. But as two such different characters try to find each other the observer also experiences some surprises which in turn end in tragic humour.


Career Highlights

Dany and Edina have worked all over the world in variete theatres, festivals, cruise ships and revues. They also appeared on the Royal Variety Performance in the UK.